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You have to admit that in life there are lots of Big Overly Opinionated Beliefs. Everyone thinks that their opinion is the be all and end all and all that happens is everything goes south. I think us women are especially guilty of carrying around a lot of baggage. I'd go as far as to say that women tend to have bigger BOOBs than men. Maybe because men are less emotionally involved they're better equipped to handle BOOBs whereas we just carry them around.

The problem with BOOBs is that it can be really hard to keep them to yourself. Sometimes you just have to get them off your chest! BOOBs come in all shapes and sizes, some are large, some are strange, some are lopsided, but no matter what there's still something attractive about them. That's the thing, people like BOOBs so here is a blog dedicated to my BOOBs

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Some of the articles are written on different websites and you will only be able to read an excerpt unless you click their titles. All linked websites are safe ^_^ this only really happens in the gaming section of the site (G-Spot) :-) Enjoy.