Sunday, 7 June 2015

PlayStation E3 Leaks 2015

This is just a little collection of  the currently known E3 leaks for Sony PlayStation.
The Price Drop: Around the 25th of May we first caught wind of this little tidbit. According to this leak, the PlayStation 4 will be dropping in price by $50 and the PS Vita by $110. This will leave them priced at $349 and $89 respectively. It is theorised that this is because the PS Vita Oled Version became a legacy platform and because there is a new PlayStation 4 coming out. Read more about this leak and its sources here.
New PlayStation 4 Model: A far more recent leak that only surface around the first of June. Sony registered two new PlayStation 4 models that are lighter, slightly smaller and have 1 Terabyte of memory as opposed to 500 Gigabytes. So it seems likely that news of these models will be coming to E3. To read more about this leak click here
Project Morpheus: Sony’s version of...

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