Monday, 15 June 2015

Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2015

It’s finally happening… This isn’t a dream or a result of Mako poisoning, this is real life and I might die if I don’t catch my breath soon. Final Fantasy VII is getting a HD remake for PlayStation 4. Not a rubbish port or a some stupid mobile edition, a genuine reworking from the ground up. The joyful screaming has just about subsided long enough for me to write this, so I will type quickly since I swear by the Shiva summon it shall return.
Final Fantasy VII
If you remember this your childhood was awesome.
According to the gaming website Silconera, the original Final Fantasy VII game is getting a HD remake and reworking for PlayStation 4. The characters are going to be changed to either their Dissidia or their Advent Children designs and the game won’t tell us to attack while the scorpion’s tail is up! Earlier in the month Square Enix was talking about a ‘Secret Game’ they were planning to release at E3. At the time, I was entirely sarcastic when I said “Maybe it will be that long awaited Final Fantasy VII remake” but now it seems as though I may have been right.
At the moment, this is still a rumor, but Square Enix will probably issue a statement soon, either tomorrow at their press conference or at E3. All we can do is hold our breath and equip our chocobo lures (+5 luck) and hope, no slash that, PRAY, that this is true. Still I have been digging and it honestly seems legit, it seems too good to be true, but I have nothing to go against it other than that.

Honestly, many people say that Final Fantasy VII is overrated and I entirely agree. It was poorly translated, had terrible graphics, the love story was ‘meh’ and at this point the biggest spoiler has already been revealed to the world…

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