Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Bloodstained Legacy

With nearly 65,000 backers and over $5.5M raised Bloodstained: Rituals Of The Night has become the most funded Kickstarter video games in history and seems like it is guaranteed to make history itself. The game is expected to be released around May 2017 on multiple platforms from PC to Vita.
Bloodstained is the spiritual successor to the Castlevania games. Leader of the project, Igarashi, leftKonami for various reasons including concerns for his continued employment with the company. Probably a wise decision considering Konami‘s daft decision making of late. Many fans still longed for him to continue to make more Castlevania games and he too wanted to create more. He approached many companies, but despite the weight that his name held in the gaming community he couldn’t find anyone to help him.
Miriam of Bloostained
Miriam is the protagonist of the game
Castlvania games have a history of poor releases outside of Japan from Vampire Killer toLord of Shadows 2. However, Igarashi eventually found some potential investors who said they would invest if they saw that there was a demand for the game. With that in mind, Igarashi made a Kickstarter that aimed to raise the remaining 10% of the funding goal, which was $500,000.

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