Saturday, 20 June 2015

Action Henk Review

Ass-thetically Pleasing!

Action Henk is what happens when Toy Story meets Micro Machines. It’s that Sonic game you’ve been craving since the 2D days, but rather than being a blue hedgehog, you’re an overweight Action Man.
With over 70 levels to butt-slide across, they definitely have the ass-thetics down to the letter.
With over 70 levels to butt-slide across, they definitely have the ass-thetics down to the letter.
The protagonist is a fat Action Man toy who is more than a little past his prime and hanging on to his glory days. Unfortunately, after a nefarious doctor makes off with your “Toy of the Year” Award, you go on a mission to navigate 70+ courses and reclaim your glory.
It’s amazing how much fun can be wrung out of the simple controls of this game: running, jumping and butt-sliding your way to victory. The physics are a little wonky here and there, but it doesn’t stop the game from being enjoyable. The art style is hilarious, especially the character designs. One character in particular looks like her plastic surgeon (no pun intended) stapled forehead.
That said, Action Henk is undeniably frustrating. I played the first set of levels for what seemed like a hundred times. The game is highly unforgiving of mistakes and anything less than perfection is frowned upon. The team that made this game is highly appropriately named RageSquid since the whole game had me screaming. To give you an idea of how incredibly painful it can be, I allowed my niece to play it and less than ten minutes later there were tears and fireworks.

Shadowrun: Boston Lockdown


Shadowrun Chronicles, which was formerly known as Shadowrun Online, is a neon drench MMORPG that you definitely won’t want to miss. This grim sci-fi adventure is available right now on Steam for the price of $39.99 (or $59.99 if you’re willing to go deluxe), but is it worth it? Way back in 2012, this game was funded on Kickstarter. Cliffhanger Productions received a phenomenal $558,863 thanks to 6,003 backers. While it has been delayed for quite some time, theShadowrun Online game does the original pen and paper game proud. It is exciting, and the gameplay will keep you on your toes.
The game is very visually appealing, though there is very little background noise from characters.
The game is very visually appealing, though there is very little background noise from characters.
Visually, Boston Lockdown is very appealing. The game is set in the year 2076, where apparently mankind has given up on green energy and just said “I want everything made of metal and broken dreams with a side of orphan tears.” The futuristic steampunk dystopia is reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar, and there’s even a blue naked female NPC who made me choke on my coffee when I thought Jenova had returned. In all seriousness, it looks fantastic and it’s a fun environment to run around in. The landscape definitely compliments a distinctly nihilistic theme that exists within the game. There is good variety in the scenery; we get a look at a more modernized industrial city as well as slums and all the shades in between.
The characters have quite the varied design, but this is to be expected since the game’s character creation is pretty extensive. In the very beginning, you get to choose a name and race. My personal preference was the elf, but there were also humans, dwarves, and trolls. Each race has different advantages though I don’t think they rock, paper, scissors each other like Pok√©mon starters would. There are also different professions to choose from. If you hadn’t guessed by the title, a lot of what you do is of a mildly insidious nature. There’s a lot of personalization that can be done. I managed to pretty much recreate a dwarfish Skrillex while playing about. There are also some sweet accessories such as goggles or a very mafia looking cigar. Overall, it’s a great element that completely sucks away hours of time before you ever even start the game. It also has quite the intriguing mechanic to give your character flaws, which I thought was a nice touch

Monday, 15 June 2015

Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2015

It’s finally happening… This isn’t a dream or a result of Mako poisoning, this is real life and I might die if I don’t catch my breath soon. Final Fantasy VII is getting a HD remake for PlayStation 4. Not a rubbish port or a some stupid mobile edition, a genuine reworking from the ground up. The joyful screaming has just about subsided long enough for me to write this, so I will type quickly since I swear by the Shiva summon it shall return.
Final Fantasy VII
If you remember this your childhood was awesome.
According to the gaming website Silconera, the original Final Fantasy VII game is getting a HD remake and reworking for PlayStation 4. The characters are going to be changed to either their Dissidia or their Advent Children designs and the game won’t tell us to attack while the scorpion’s tail is up! Earlier in the month Square Enix was talking about a ‘Secret Game’ they were planning to release at E3. At the time, I was entirely sarcastic when I said “Maybe it will be that long awaited Final Fantasy VII remake” but now it seems as though I may have been right.
At the moment, this is still a rumor, but Square Enix will probably issue a statement soon, either tomorrow at their press conference or at E3. All we can do is hold our breath and equip our chocobo lures (+5 luck) and hope, no slash that, PRAY, that this is true. Still I have been digging and it honestly seems legit, it seems too good to be true, but I have nothing to go against it other than that.

Honestly, many people say that Final Fantasy VII is overrated and I entirely agree. It was poorly translated, had terrible graphics, the love story was ‘meh’ and at this point the biggest spoiler has already been revealed to the world…

Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Bloodstained Legacy

With nearly 65,000 backers and over $5.5M raised Bloodstained: Rituals Of The Night has become the most funded Kickstarter video games in history and seems like it is guaranteed to make history itself. The game is expected to be released around May 2017 on multiple platforms from PC to Vita.
Bloodstained is the spiritual successor to the Castlevania games. Leader of the project, Igarashi, leftKonami for various reasons including concerns for his continued employment with the company. Probably a wise decision considering Konami‘s daft decision making of late. Many fans still longed for him to continue to make more Castlevania games and he too wanted to create more. He approached many companies, but despite the weight that his name held in the gaming community he couldn’t find anyone to help him.
Miriam of Bloostained
Miriam is the protagonist of the game
Castlvania games have a history of poor releases outside of Japan from Vampire Killer toLord of Shadows 2. However, Igarashi eventually found some potential investors who said they would invest if they saw that there was a demand for the game. With that in mind, Igarashi made a Kickstarter that aimed to raise the remaining 10% of the funding goal, which was $500,000.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Oculus Rift Partners With Microsoft

Isn’t it strange that a decade ago virtual reality seemed like something that belonged strictly in science fiction? Now it is almost upon us in the form of the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. We just found out that the Oculus has partnered with Microsoft Windows and the Xbox in order to put it in even more direct competition with Sony’s Project Morpheus.
On Thursday, A pre-E3 press event was held in San Francisco. CEO of Oculus VR and Microsofts’ Xbox leader both got a chance to speak about the partnership. The Oculus Rift will run natively on Windows 10, a new OS that is being released in July. A few claims have been made that it will be one of the best gaming OS’ for PC gamers, but we’ll have to wait and see about that.
The Oculus Rift headset itself is going to be released in the first quarter of 2016 and is to be bundled with an Xbox One remote and adapter. While the Oculus Rift itself will still mainly be used for playing PC games, it has now also been given the ability to stream Xbox One games. The streaming will only work within a set distance similar to how the Vita works with the Playstation. Some games that have been mentioned as compatible for streaming include Halo and Sunset Overdrive.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dota You Know You're A Millionaire?

The world of eSports seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate. ESport is a lot more accessible than many other kinds of sports and doesn’t require haven’t to go to a pitch in all kinds of weather to train. With that in mind, I can’t really say that I find the news of Dota 2’s annual tournament having a prize pool of over 12 Million dollars. After all, video games, in general, are a lot more fun to watch than regular sports and it’s a lot easier to train to be a pro.
Dota 2 Rekindling Soul Update 2
I’m sure at this late stage we have all heard of Valves highly rated and highly successful game, Dota 2. In case you haven’t it is a huge MMO with nearly 8million players from all around the globe and endless servers to support it. The game is available on all of the major PC platforms and commands a huge fan base.
The game was originally released a few years back in 2013. Since then it has been nominated for numerous awards and inspired various animations and YouTube channels dedicated to it. Still it’s crowning jewel is an annual PVP event known as the Dota 2 Championship. Every year this event pits teams of five players against each other to find out who is the very best.
The prize pool for the contest is funded by players. They can buy special packs that have enhancements for their characters and the money goes into the prize fund. This year the prize fund has reached a phenomenal 12 million dollars and it is still rapidly rising. To put this in perspective this is more than a lot of major sports would put as their grand prize and you could buy a large mansion for it. It isn’t just players who donate. The Dota fanbase spreads out into many areas with over 134 million people watching streams of battles on Dota.

PlayStation E3 Leaks 2015

This is just a little collection of  the currently known E3 leaks for Sony PlayStation.
The Price Drop: Around the 25th of May we first caught wind of this little tidbit. According to this leak, the PlayStation 4 will be dropping in price by $50 and the PS Vita by $110. This will leave them priced at $349 and $89 respectively. It is theorised that this is because the PS Vita Oled Version became a legacy platform and because there is a new PlayStation 4 coming out. Read more about this leak and its sources here.
New PlayStation 4 Model: A far more recent leak that only surface around the first of June. Sony registered two new PlayStation 4 models that are lighter, slightly smaller and have 1 Terabyte of memory as opposed to 500 Gigabytes. So it seems likely that news of these models will be coming to E3. To read more about this leak click here
Project Morpheus: Sony’s version of...

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Play As Harley Quinn In Upcoming Arkham Game

Harley Quinn is beyond a shadow of a doubt, my favorite Batman character. I’m not too keen on her whiny voice, but her actual character is something I find intriguing. I’m sure we have all heard the story about her being pregnant before Batman decides to beat her up and unknowingly kill off Joker’s prodigy in the womb. I am kinda hoping for some sort of expansion on that plotline. Especially, finding out if it was all just in her mind or if it really truly happened that way.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Brand New Danganronpa Game

Are you a big fan of the Danganronpa series? Could you not get your hands off your copy of Trigger Happy Havoc? Could you never bring yourself to say ‘sayonara’ to your copy of Goodbye Despair? Well, fear not because this September you will be able to get your hands on a brand Danganronpa game. Say hello to Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls!
You read that correctly, a brand new Danganronpa adventure is coming to PlayStation Vita onSeptember 1st of this year (or September 4th if you live in Europe). This amazing little PlayStation Vita title already has quite the fan following in the Vita community and many have been playing it since it was on PlayStation Portable. You can already pre-order the game if you visit their website.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Square Enix To Reveal A Secret Game At E3

Exciting news has been leaked about Square Enix’s E3 plans. According to the website IGN, Square Enix is going to reveal a ‘secret title’ they have been working on, at this years E3. Perhaps it will be a much sought after Final Fantasy VII remake? I doubt it, but I can live in hope.
This exciting news was leaked by IGN since they will be sponsoring this press event. Apparently invitations were sent out via email, inviting people to celebrate the release of this mysterious secret game. They haven’t given us much information at all. We don’t know anything about the game at all yet, but we can do some elimination to figure out what it’s not.