Friday, 8 May 2015

Nintendo Land Coming to the Real World

Nintendo announced today that it is teaming up with Universal Parks and Resorts to build Nintendo-themed attractions. Perhaps this adventurous news was prompted by Nintendo finally making a profit since 2011 thanks to the Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Saphire and Super Smash Bros. Nintendo reported earning $208 million for the fiscal year.

Either way I have been waiting for a Nintendo Themepark since Pokemon Red and to me, the idea makes a whole lot of sense. Nintendo as a company is usually very focused on merchandise. Just think of the Amiibos that currently are out of stock since supply can’t meet demand, or the endless accessories like all these Gameboy connection cables dangling over my head. With all that in mind just think what could be done with Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario. I really want to see a Rainbow Road Rollercoaster, Pokemon Safari, and a Zelda shooting game.

Universal has theme parks in California, Florida, Osaka, and Singapore. I’m sure Europeans everywhere (myself included) are bawling that they won’t be able to visit easily. That said Nintendo seems to be looking forward to a good year, they plan on releasing a handful of smartphone games, a whole new line of Amiibo figures and now this theme park. This is definitely an upturn from what Nintendo seemed to be last year with it’s moderate 3DS sales and WiiU sales

It’s interesting that they partnered with Universal, considering both companies tried to sue each other way back in the 1980s over the whole Donkey Kong vs King Kong issue. It sounds like it’s all water under the bridge now though.

This is definitely an upturn from what Nintendo seemed to be last year with it’s moderate 3DS and Wii U sales. This may be what Nintendo needs to drag itself free of the previous year’s disappointments. At the moment, the theme park still needs to be fleshed out. Hopefully, Nintendo will release a statement to give us an idea when it will be open to the public.

I think it’s great that it isn’t a park created by Nintendo, but by the already reputable Universal. Universal is already a well-known pro at delivering a great experience to the family. With Nintendo’s slippery finances in recent years, having the rides in the hands of Universal will probably help ensure the parks longevity.

It isn’t even the first time Universal has teamed up with a video game company if you remember the horrific Resident Evil attraction courtesy of Capcom. I’m sure at least at the start there won’t be anything as extreme as Yoshi invading the Jurassic Park ride, but Universal has been consistently outdoing itself for the last 15 years. Nintendo is a big company so I’m sure we can safely assume there will be at least one interactive ride like the Toy Story ride Disney has.

What rides would you love to see?

Personally, a Mario Sunshine themed Water Ride would be enough to make me swim the ocean. or maybe Splatoon water ride, but I’m interested what attractions would make you go?

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