Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Reasons Why Waterville is Wonderful

I have travelled quite a bit in my time, I've been to Turkey, France, Scotland and Wales, but when I came to Ireland my heart was stolen by the beautiful coastal town known as Waterville. It is a very small coastal town located in the South-west of Ireland and it is an absolute treasure and here are 5 Reasons Why.

Beautiful Beaches and a Luscious Lake

Waterville has some beautiful beaches. They are plenty of stony rocks to scamper over, but also plenty of sand to play with. During the summer, it is wonderfully warm and there's nothing quite like stretching out like a cat on some warm sand. When it's cold or the weather is rough you can still admire the waves smashing into the beach. There is also a beautiful lake with a family of mute swans on it. It's so tranquil you can sit there for hours and just breath in the rich Kerry air.

Weather Watching And Night Skies

The weather isn't always glorious sun, in fact it's often quite brisk out. However, you cannot deny that the skies in Waterville in any weather are amazing. When rain is imminent the sky turns such a moody grey and makes the black and white buildings in the town accessories to a new dark and mysterious atmosphere. When it is sunny the grass looks so lush you just want to roll around in it! Waterville is part of the Darkskies project, so at night you can see the stars very clearly. I love star gazing in Waterville.

The Fabulous Food and Banter in the Bars

I think most people associate Ireland with drinking and a good time and they aren't wrong to do so. Waterville has a number of great bars and restaurants. I was very amused by one bar in particular. It was called 'The Lobster' and had a huge Lobster clutching a pint of Guinness. The food is also wonderful, I had some amazing ice cream while I was there.

The Friendly Folk

The people in Waterville are very nice and helpful to tourists. Lots of people willing to give directions or point you to the best place to have lunch.

Culture and Festivities

 Waterville is crammed with culture. There is an art gallery and a marine exhibition called 'Sea Synergy' and every year there is a Charlie Chaplin film festival and a children's festival. If that wasn't enough excitement for you, there is a little country market and a place called 'Tech Amergin'. Lots of performances are held at the Tech and it has its own sensory garden. The top it all off you can still see the old cable house in Waterville.

Yes, if you are ever travelling in Ireland I recommend stopping in Waterville.

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