Friday, 9 January 2015


I delayed making this article and instead created a video and decided to expand from there.

Leelah was not flawless

I know my video did support Leelah's side of the story, but I really want to make something clear. I do not think Leelah was flawless, the way she committed suicide has probably caused a lot of trauma to the driver of that truck. I always find things twice as tragic when they involve a minor, because Leelah was only a child. We have a habit of romanticizing the dead and not seeing what they did wrong,but I think it is very important that we do not glorify suicide. Leelah isn't the only person who felt this way and some people say that there are many more deserving cases. I agree in ways, but it doesn't matter because this is the one that is getting the attention and this is the one that is provoking change. Her wishes were very clear:
Transgender Equality
Her Death Needs to Mean Something
Fix Society

My Thoughts on the Parents

I mentioned in the video that I personally wasn't condemning the parents, why? They believed they were doing the right thing, religious indoctrination is a powerful thing and I have met people who I imagine Leelah's parents were like. What they did was wrong, but is it just our fault or is it the fault of society that we allow this emotional abuse to thrive? They took away her social media while she was alive, I imagine they probably thought she was seeing this transgender malarkey online and just joining in, but that was a bad decision. This isolated her, there is a whole movement on the internet that shows LGBT people lots of love, without that what was she hearing? The biased opinions of zealous christians treating her like a mistake? No child should ever be treated like a mistake.

Regardless of our opinions

Leelah is now the symbol of the victims of transgender intolerance, we all have a duty to work toward a future where anyone can be what they aspire to be without maltreatment. We have to change the world.

Make it your New Years Resolution to change the world;
Not just for Leelah,
But every single child like her.

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