Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Why I Love Onision!

I absolutely adore Onision's videos, they are so short and simple yet usually leave me going on a youtube binge of his videos! I have always been the type of person who enjoys blunt honesty and Onision definitely provides that.
Respect Points
Onision definitely scores some major respect points off me.
  • Despite vicious and unfounded rumors ranging from rape to abuse Onision continues to make videos. I love the fact that he hasn't given up despite the puss spewing mouths of jealous or simply dumb individuals.
  • Much like Family Guy or South Park, Onision takes a controversial topic and completely takes the mickey out of it. It's brilliant even when a video is directly insulting something I do like eat meat I'm still in stitches. It's just made even funnier with all his exaggeration and then funnier still when you scroll down. You get these really dumb people who didn't watch the video all the way through and are commenting the first thing to come into their head. Seriously if you go look at the post on dumb comments so many are people on Onision videos.
  • I'm going to be really superficial and silly but.... HAVE YOU SEEN THE POSTERS IN HIS HOUSE? I've spotted Kingdom Hearts and Advent Children posters in his videos. I know it's a silly thing to love him for but gosh darn it if I'm going to fangirl over John Green's knick nacks I will fangirl over Onisions!
  • Finally, this gif 
Also on a side note he does videos that insult everyone equally for example here is his video of racist jokes


Like any successful person Onision has haters. Honestly I have no problem with people hating things, for example I hate the Grand Theft Auto games because I find them really boring if you don't cheat. Still I understand loads of people love the gorgeous immersive gameplay. However, Onision's haters are prepared to make up some pretty crazy rumors with no evidence. Really if it wasn't for the age we live in many of them would have been arrested for deformation. I'm glad to see most haters get entirely stomped upon though, usually by one simple question: where is the proof?
Nota bene
Also, people blogs aren't proof even this one, a blog is simply meant to whet your appetite to go and do your own research. Anyone can write one, I honestly encourage you to check everything you read. Many people try to show 'evidence' of Onision's crimes by linking to blogs that are written by hater's that send you around in a circle without ever providing proof.

Sad Truth Is Honesty Is Rarely The Best Policy

Onision's brutal honesty is more than a lot of people can handle. Despite the disclaimer at the start of his videos warning not to take his content serious people still get their knickers in a twist over him. He put's his whole life on youtube and I think he knows the dangers of that, we've seen him through break ups and losing a baby. He is a real person and he is a strong person because he is strong enough to show the whole world when he's breaking. People still want to dis him but that just shows how small their little minds are.

Some Final Notes

As a joke I was chatting with some guys in the comment section of one of Onisions videos and ended up making an Onision prayer. I sincerely don't know how it happened it just did, but I can't think of a better place to put it so here it is XD

Oh Onision,
Praised be thy name,
Thy videos come,
Thy will be done.
By subscribing and liking thy videos.

Give us this day our daily video,
And forgive us our trolling,
As we forgive those who troll against us.
Lead us not into reality
But deliver us from evil.

Onision we give ourselves to thee,
Entertain us and educate us,
With google and thy self.
Through rumours and doubt,
In sarcasm and blunt honesty.
We will trust in thee...

Boob squeeze

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