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My Five Nights at Freddy's Theory

I love fan theories ^_^ so it's only natural to want to put a story to this top trending PC game. It's a very good game because of it's simplicity. Not being able to move makes you feel helpless and adds to the overall atmosphere of fear but let's get stuck in to this.

What We Know

Freddy's Basic Info

  • (Foxy) the Pirate Fox
  • (Chica) 'Let's Eat' Chicken
  • (Bonnie) Blue Bunny Rabbit
  • (Freddy) Big Singing Bear
  • (Golden Freddy) seems to be a spare Freddy suit
  • Miscellaneous inactive pieces of suit in back room

  • The characters are supposedly left in a free roaming mode to prevent their survos from locking up. 
  • It is not allowed for a mascot to be without its suit.
  • If they see you they will try to put you into one of these suits.
  • Due to the wire framing etc inside these suits being shoved into one will probably kill you.

  • Phone Guy: Previous employee who recorded voice messages for you
  • Mike Schmidt: Your player or at least whom your cheques go to.
  • Mike gets his pay cheque on a Friday that is '11/13' This is an American date (month before day). Years that have a Friday 13th of November include 1987, 1992, 1993 and 2009
Introductory Greeting From Company

"Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death have occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced."


Used to peer around all the rooms and read those delightful newspaper clippings on the wall. The kitchen has no camera only audio.


  • Kidnap
  • Murder
  • Bite of '87 (resulting in someone losing their frontal lobe)

Missing Children and Killer

  • Two children presumed dead- June 26th. Killer was caught the next morning.
  • Police later linked the death of three more children to the incidents at Freddy's.
  • The children's bodies were never found, but they are presumed to be dead.
  • The killer lured them away by wearing the company's Mascot as a suit (that's Freddy).

We know five children went missing. Initially only two were lured away during an evening at Freddy's on the night of June 26th but police then link three more to Freddy's


  • The creator confirmed the place is haunted (well duh)
  • The phone guy says: "... If I were forced to sing those same stupid songs for twenty years and I never got a bath? I'd probably be a bit irritable at night too." 

Theory Time

One: The Killer & Killings

The killer was a security guard who worked at Freddy's to get close enough to kill children (and possibly other pedophilic things). He lures the children away from their parents to kill them in the backroom, the two mentioned murders he is convicted for take place in the evening. He used the Golden Freddy suit to lure them away (this suit does not have a skeleton and was not in use since regular Freddy was performing). The Freddy costume has faint handprints on its face which could be signs of resistance.
After killing them, he hid their bodies in the suits and later disposing of them inside the restaurant (multiple ways to do this but I reckon serving them up piece by piece sound statistically fitting (remember folks there are no cameras in the kitchen). Customers complain about a foul odor and blood and mucus coming out of the costumes. The killer is eventually convicted and (assuming the game is based in America) probably gets the death penalty and his spirit gets stuck there too. He is never shoved into a costume and therefore does not possess a suit.

Two: The Bite of '87

I believe the killer was working at Freddy's at the time of 'The Bite of '87'. I think considering that the only character with sharp teeth and a broken jaw is Foxy it's safe to assume he was the biter. The killer not yet quite ready to commit his first murder decided to tinker with the A.I (something your character is capable of doing on the last custom night). It was this tinkering that caused the robot Foxy suit to attack and destroy someone's frontal lobe. The victim apparently survives though this does irreparable damage to the reputation of the establishment. This incident is what whets the killers appetite and sets him on the murderous path that kills him. In the game on the custom nights if you set the characters A.I. to '1987' Golden Freddy will appear, roar and crash your game. 1987 hold particular significance to the killer and to you (but more on that later).

Three: The Spirits

The anguished spirits became trapped in a limbo inside Freddy's with no certain way to escape. They sense their killers presence but can't quite pinpoint it due to his lack of a suit.
Sensing his presence they wander and think if they kill him they can end they're limbo. When they last saw him he was a security guard, so they kill every security guard that they come into contact with and stuff them into a suit. They do this assuming it's the same guy and they just haven't killed him right or they're just exacting their revenge repeatedly.

Four: The Phone Guy

When they catch you they (barring Foxy who gives you a heart attack) will stuff you into a suit. Which suit? Golden Freddy. This is the final resting place of any security guard they catch since it was the one the killer wore when he killed them. The last security guard (who leaves you recorded messages) also suffers this fate.

Frequently throughout the game we see a message that says 'It's Me' accompanied by Golden Freddy. Golden Freddy can also appear in your room regardless of closed doors. This is the previous security guard who hasn't quite come to terms with his grizzly death trying to contact you. He's saying "It's me! from the recordings!" or just trying to get you to understand you know him. He will also write on the walls trying to get your attention or frequently appear in hallucinations with human bloodshot eyes.

He also leaves you a garbled almost demonic message after his loss of power and death.

I take it you've read the rules... (Don't touch Freddy)
I actually think the message here is the killer intervening, it's in his best interest not to get tagged by Golden Freddy.
This is a mixture of the phone guy and the killer.

Five: Foxy is Just As Scared As You

Foxy displays unusual behavior compared to the rest of the characters. Rather then wandering about he stays hidden in pirate cove and if he isn't watched for a period of time makes a break for your room. Foxy's stage is labelled out of order and his loosely hanging jaw and ripped decaying suit show his neglect.
At Freddy's the animatronics have to wear suits but Foxy's is so ripped if the others saw him I'm sure he'd most definitely get shoved into a new suit.
Foxy does not attack you. When he makes it into your office he quickly puts his head in and screams (if you listen to a full recording of his scream it sounds like a scared boy toward the end). You die of a heart attack, but foxy does not attack. If you close the door in time he bangs desperately on it and then hastily runs back to pirate cove to hide again. Perhaps in the child who is possessing Foxy's final moments he was hiding and tried to make a break to the office to ring the phone and now he runs for your help.

Six: You and The Killer

You play Mike Schmitd, what possesses Mike to stay five nights at Freddy's? How is he connected enough to not run away despite being payed about $4 an hour? During the bite of '87 (which I speculate was Friday 13th November 1987) a child was bitten by Foxy and the damage resulted in the loss of their frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is concerned with reasoning and decision making, people who mess up an attempted suicide can have personality changes from shooting this part of the brain out. It is essentially your personality, your soul if you will.
We've already established that the killer doesn't have a suit, but that doesn't mean he can't have one... a meat suit. You.
The killer's soul has been just as trapped as the children but it hasn't changed his nature, of course he is bound to Freddy's and it's assets. Mike was the child who was attacked and let's do some number crunching.
I would say a child that enjoyed the Chucky Cheese-esque entertainment who be around 10 years old or at least thereabouts.
 We know that Mike gets his paycheque on Friday the 13th of November
The only years that have this are
With that in mind we can remember that Phone Guy said that the robots had been singing the same songs for 20 years. Now we can assume the restaurant was running before the bite so lets take four years off. 
the next Friday 13th of November is 2009.
Assuming Mike was 10 during the bite he would be 32 when receiving his paycheque. Mike is a prime candidate for being possessed by the killer, he was after all his first victim in ways. His connection to the place could allow him to be lead back there (think of Silent Hill) and possessed. This is what keeps him there for five days, the killer is actively taunting the children using you thinking there will be no consequence.

Why do I think he's possessed? Do you remember the complaints about the suits the customers had? They said they had a foul odor and likened them to walking carcasses. When you complete the custom night in the came you are fired...

Odor. It's a small thing but why would odor matter when you are the only guy in the building putting your life on the line? It would have to be rancid! Like rotting perhaps?

There is however a way to kill the killer. The Golden Freddy suit, when the killer sees it, it draws out his soul and crashes the game. He becomes bound to the suit he used to kill those children and one can assume they get their blood curdling revenge. You don't get stuffed into a suit if Golden Freddy is the one who gets you, so the real hero is the phone guy for possessing it and coming to you for help. If the suit appears and you put up the screen then you block the contact needed with the suit for the exorcism to take place.

Seven: The Children

The murderer hid three of the children's bodies in the suits available there before disposing of them. he didn't think to clean the suits which was the initial cause of the odor. Anyone who looked in the suits would find evidence of the murder but company policy:
 "..upon discovery of death, a missing person's report will be filed within 90 days or as soon as the floors have been bleached and the carpets replaced.."
The murderer was caught the morning after two more children went missing, he would not have had time to dispose of the bodies, he may not have even had a chance to put them all in suits. Think about it there are five children but only four costumes (Foxy, Chica, Bonnie and Freddy) if we consider that the killer was wearing one. This is probably what lead to his discovery and conviction, but the company then disposed of the bodies. this is why they were never found. One ghost never gets a suit, it draws pictures on the walls, laughs and giggles and changes the posters to help you solve the mystery.

Sweet dreams everyone

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