Monday, 27 October 2014

Disappointments with Being on Student Council

This year I finally achieved my goal of becoming a Student rep. I've been trying for a long time but since I'm mostly a loner during school hours I never got enough votes. However, finally I'm in a position where I can do some good and maybe change my crapsack school for the better.

I've been trying rather desperately to work hard, but I feel like I'm the only one. I literally wrote seven pages of ideas to implement right away like incorporating memrise flash cards and simple stuff like that, but can't get the deputy head to even crack a page. It is rather disempowering but if that wasn't bad enough I tried desperately hard to make Halloween work at school. I sat down on itunes and shelled out for 20EUR of Halloween songs and made an awesome playlist to play during lunch hours. I even compiled a list of the cheapest easiest Halloween games and wrote and placed the clues for a murder mystery. However, the day the event was scheduled to take place, it was revealed that while the year head had been going 'ya ya ya' she actually hadn't even looked into any of the Halloween item.  This meant everything had to be canceled.

Saying I was crushed after three nights of staying up to 1am would be an understatement. She decided to drive another nail into me though by telling me I had missed a meeting. I was completely affronted since she was the one who hadn't bothered to turn up that day (while I had crawled to school despite being very ill only to find her not there). What meeting was it? The meeting for Juniors. I didn't lose my cool I just let her words go into background noise and left hastily hoping my day would improve.

I'm feeling pretty disempowered right about now. When we met the other schools student councils our school was clearly the worse, I was the only one who seem to be able to speak in our group without bluffing and I brought my book of ideas. I'm sure we scored some brownie points there. Most schools had already managed to do an event and we had only just been elected and I felt embarrassed to be apart of my school. We really did look like the kids with learning disabilities taken to play with the big kids compared to the uber organised and well spoken crowds around us.

It just isn't taken seriously at our school and it needs to be and I really wish other people were trying and I wasn't on my own here. Maybe I try to hard for people who are only going to spit in my face at the end of the day.

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