Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Open Education

I absolutely love Open Education. The whole idea thrills me so much! I love to learn which is something that seems almost frowned upon sometimes.

A Little History Of Me: In School (super abridged)

I always hated the Irish secondary school education system. Barely anyone I knew actually had a taste for learning, in fact now that I think about it, most absolutely hated the idea. I originally went to a Steiner school in Greenwich before having to move to the emerald isle and the difference... well it was dramatic. For the first three years I didn't really have to learn much since I had covered it all in the Steiner school. When I was in Steiner school I had always thought that I wasn't the smartest kid by a long shot, but when I came to Ireland and heard little Jimmy in the back of the class asking how to spell melon I realized I was pretty good.

A Little History Of Me: Open Education

Open Education provided me with a place to learn. Not just that but learn what I was interested in. Devouring Udacity and Udemy and Coursera courses were my favorite activity (and if I tell the truth, it's only dropped down to second in recent years because I enjoy blogging so much). I never need to get a certificate to feel validation, just doing the courses felt great! Not only that but doing college level courses gave (and still does) such a rush, sure I had to sacrifice some valuable MMOG time, but I think it was worth it.

Why I Think Open Education Is The Bee's Knees

It's Free: This has to be a big factor for most. Having access to all this gorgeous content for free is enough to make me believe in a god! The fact that it's free is relaxing and you don't feel so stressed about it but it still retains enough pressure to keep you at it.

You Control Your Learning: Rather than having knowledge dictated to you by a sour faced teacher who mentally retired years ago, You control your learning. This can be frightening to some but once you drive yourself to keep up with a course you will be elated upon completion. The feeling of accomplishment when completing a mooc is so very satisfying. There are very few things that I could compare that feeling to.

It's Your Interests: Unlike in secondary school where you had to go to maths, English, urk Irish and some other language you picked when you were a junior and have long since come to hate... This time you have the power to do a course in Understanding Video Games or Modern contemporary poets.

You Can Try New Things Without Consequence: If you think you love video games than why not try a MOOC in computer game science or the like? I definitely recommend trying a MOOC before enrolling yourself in a proper college course. That way you can see if you are going to like the content covered in that course easily and stress free rather than being locked in to a five year course that drains your money, time and energy.

All From The Comfort Of Your Sofa: Or your twirly desk chair or your android device. Face it, that's too convenient not to give a try!

The only question now is...
What course will you pick?
I personally have to recommend coursera because it is simply my absolute favorite!

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