Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dumb Things People Say About Homosexuality & Gay Marriage

To me homosexualality is not an issue, I have a number of homosexual friends and I would never think any less of them because of it. However, to some people homosexuality is thought of as something dirty and rotten.

What's The Big Deal?

What is the big deal about people being homosexual? If you are straight how is this ever going to hurt you? Homosexuality is between two people who are in love, it doesn't matter what their gender is.

The 'Homosexuality Is A Perversion' Argument

I would argue that religion is a gross filthy perversion as well as marmite. Homosexuality is something that appears in nature. Notice how religion doesn't, I don't see bunnies hopping burrow to burrow to preach the good word of the Easter Bunny, do you? People always say that being gay is unnatural but in my humble opinion that is the biggest load of horse crap I will ever hear. If you are born and feel an innate attraction to the same gender then it is natural, you were born with that instinct. Your homosexuality is not damaging anything and only self absorbed bigots think that way. If you aren't hurting anyone then you know you are making the right choices.

Further more, arguing that homosexuality is wrong because it is unnatural (apart from being untrue) is stupid. Think of all the unnatural things we do every single day. We use artificial sweetners and colours in our food, we take steriods, have sex changes, tattoos, brest implants. We have monogamous relationships, wars over religion, we build sky scrapers, use computers, go on the internet, draw pictures and so on and on and on. Unless you are willing to get rid of everything that is unnatural in your life just so you can hate homosexuals then please stfu. We do unnatural things everyday-get over it.

The 'Homosexuality Is Against God' Argument

I think the real 'abomination' is using the bible to hurt people
I'm rolling my eyes right now because if you think so almighty omnipotent creator is concerned deeply with your sex life you are an arrogant idiot. You are seriously going to treat another human like a dog because someone you have never met or even know exists' stalkers wrote it in a book? Call me back when you stop eating bacon and wearing clothes with two different materials.

I'm sure any sort of god that was worth worshipping would be more concerned with humans treating each other well rather than being cruel to someone because of their sexual orientation. Really, I know that they say all sins are the same and blah but homosexuality has got to be on the eating bacon and planting two different types of seed in your garden end of the scale rather than thou shall not kill etc.

If You Are A Homosexual You Are No Longer My Son/Daughter

Anyone who would cast their child out on to the street or otherwise make them feel unwanted because of their sexual orientation does not deserve to be a parent. Even if you felt that homosexuality was a choice that still does not mean you can throw your child away like trash because of it. As a parent it is your job to look after your child until it can fend for itself and raise it correctly, if you are one of the incredibly closed minded people who thinks that homosexuality is a failure in your parenting then you should realize abandoning your child says far worse things about you than raising a gay one. The only people who are going to approve of that are a small group of ignorant, closeminded individuals. The fact that your child, who you have taught to trust you, has opened up to you and you have broken your promise of trust to that child and thrown them away means you are indeed an unrighteous person. 

Homosexuals Cannot Have Children Therefore They Are Wrong

There are plenty of people in the world who cannot have children or who do not even want children. People can be born with defects that make them sterile or even become sterile over time. If a straight couple are unable to have children should they not be allowed to have sexual intercourse or get married? Should sterile men an women be stoned? No, saying something is wrong because it is different is primitive and ignorant behavior.

If We Let 'Gay' Become Normal Everyone Will Do It Then The Human Race Will Die Out

This argument is the one that makes me put my head in the pillow and scream for thirty seconds.
  1. There will not be more homosexuals because it's considered normal, there will be the same amount and maybe it will seem like more because people won't be as afraid to express themselves. I do not deny that some people will claim to be homosexual as a fashion statement but please realize that this happens with every group from bronies to twitards. The only difference is homosexuality is not a choice and if they are not homosexual then they can only pretend (not to say that they won't but by giving them the attention they crave you are only making it worse).
  2. If you are so sexually insecure that you think gay marriage/acceptance will turn everyone gay then you need to seriously ask yourself if you are straight. Homosexuality is comparitively smaller than heterosexuality, people don't magically turn gay even if some of them turn fabulous.
  3. Even if everyone somehow turned gay (idk someone drops a gay bomb) the human race will still thrive. There are many ways to have a baby and just because someone is homosexual doesn't mean they won't want kids. Sure there would be a dip in the population but that would be because there would be no unwanted pregnancies. Also if everyone were gay there would be no abortions, no need to buy condoms and everyone would have style (joke joke i know that homosexuality =/= fashionable but it's fun to say). 

Only A Man And A Woman Can Give A Child The Proper Balanced Upbringing It Needs

So apart from being a huge middle finger to all single parents out there, this statement is entirely false. Someones gender does not dictate their behavior, people assume a mother will be carrying for her child but this isn't always the case. A mother does not always have that maternal spark and as a woman myself I'll be the first to say that women can be vicious. If you go to a playground and observe bullying you will see two very distinct differences between how men a women bully eachother. Boys are more straight forward when it comes to bullying but girls are sneaky and devisive. We aren't as strong as men and I think we naturally make up for it with cruelty. Though of course that is a huge blanket statement but I just want to throw the stereotype of women being loving and tender and defenseless out the window.
I'm not denying that family mechanics usually have one dominant partner who is in charge of discipline but I stand firm that it does not have to be the man of the relationship. This being the case I believe same sex couples can do just as well and if not a better job of caring for children than heterosexual couples.
I would also like to add that we are talking about adoption here and a large percentage of children are never adopted. Surely two fathers or two mothers are better than no fathers or no mothers.

Homosexuals Have No Reason To Want To Get Married

this is such a stupid ignorant thing to say but people say it anyway. Let's look at the reasons people get married and see which ones apply to homosexuals also
  • Having Children: this one does not apply but not all married couples have children anyway
  • Symbol of committment: goes for both
  • In the event of the partners death the wealth is transferred: goes for both
  • If there is an accident sometimes only 'family' is allowed to see the patient
  • joint parent rights: goes for both with adoption
  • The right to make funeral arrangements for your partner
  • Tax, benefits, charges, bills etc
And so much more. Out of all of these the only one that is not shared is having children and even in a straight relationship this isn't always possible. So it is very clear to see that gays have as much reason to want to get married as straight couples.

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