Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why I'm Not Christian

There are a hundred reasons, but it's mainly the interactions I have or have seen on the internet between Christians and anyone who isn't. Here are my many TITs and BOOBs on Christianity (my least favorite religion).

Why Can't You Leave Me Alone?

It's my soul, don't I get a choice as to whether I want to let it burn or not?

It's bad enough that on ash Wednesday I get assaulted and have The Dark Mark put on my head. The ash of course representing death and all-lovely, really got up this morning wanting ash smeared on my head thanks a mill.
It's bad enough that you stop me in the street to talk about God then after you leave I'm held up by the next member of your gang to talk about god.
It's bad enough that you then have to pollute my air with drivel about me burning in hell for not worshipping your god.
It's bad enough you attack gays, atheists and scientists.
But please would you just leave me alone outside of those times. Look I don't care if you say godbless you when I sneeze or send me a Christ-mas card but please don't talk to me about how my friend deserved to die because she was lesbian. Also, please stop saying Pokemon teaches kids to be devil worshippers when it's clearly listening to Christians that makes people want to worship a talking goat demon. I'm sorry but if the people who tell you- "The circumstances of birth are irrelevant, it's what you do with the gift of life that makes you who you are"-Mewtwo in Pokemon the first movie-Are evil then I do not know what good is anymore. Pardon my ignorance

Please kindly read your own book where it tells you not to judge people because that's god's job and kindly stfu

And while you're at it read the desiderata and educate yourself a little.

Why Do We Have To Bring The Bible Into Everything

I understand that it is the sacred text of your religion and all, but you bring it in to play at times that just leaves me standing there gawping at you. For instance I can/can't eat what I want because in the bible it says I can or homosexuality is wrong because the bible said so or the earth isn't 2billion years old because in the bible it says so.
Can I just say this? If Rome wasn't built in a day I highly doubt that the universe was built in seven. You have to remember that God didn't write the bible, Men wrote the bible for god. They interpretted what they were told and wrote it down, you know how unreliable that is? For instance

A 12 year old black male was shot down by six white police officers while carrying a water gun.
Now someone see this seen and writes
A black man was shot by police officers today for carrying a gun.
Then this book is translated which muddles the message even more
A man with a gun was shot by the police.
It is very easy to misinterpret information even if it's unintentional. Also, if you are going to disregard that then at least read the bible and don't use stupid expressions like 'it's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve' because then your telling me you believe that a talking snake is behind all of humanity's suffering.

Riddle Me This

Supposedly before Eve ate the forbidden fruit she had no knowledge of evil. How was she to know that disobeying God was bad?

Also, If God knows everything then he must have known that putting a super persuasive talking snake in the garden of Eden was a bad idea.

Further more, God is meant to be a loving a forgiving entity yet he then condemns Eve and all their children for eating a fruit.

While on that subject, why the heck was the fruit so easily attainable? Why not make it a really tall tree that you can't climb?

And let's forget all of that and ask why God would condemn people who never get a chance to even hear about Christianity to hell? How many Inuits have been cooked already?

The Lack of Live and Let Live

Her Deviantart Page
One thing that makes me bare my fangs and want to punch a hole through my computer screen is that Christians seem to go to places like 'Gay Pride' or an Atheist Youtube Channel In mass like vultures settling in on a dying animal and come and spew hatred. I had someone very dear to me commit suicide because she was lesbian. She felt it was an illness, everyone made it feel like it was something wrong with her and she was tortured to death by jeering Christians. But that isn't what gets me, what gets me is that I had the password to her Deviantart account because she didn't go on the computer that often (the cyberbullying was too much). After she died I went on her profile and the sight nearly broke my heart. Endless private notes jeering at her for being Lesbian, some had been posted after she died some had already been open and read. Had this been the last thing she saw before she died? I deleted everything but when I checked again there were more, if I got their accounts deleted they made new ones. Eventually, it subsided... about three months after her death. Their family was utterly destroyed and I haven't been able to contact any of them since.

The Hatred And Intolerance I've Seen

Honestly the most hateful people I meet on the internet are keyboard warrior Christians. There is no other group on the internet that I detest more than the keyboard warrior Christian. As you have probably seen, I detest homophobia but also how they react to anyone who isn't Christian. I'm not a fan of the idea of religion, it's just another way to label people and deprive them of their individuality but Christianity is my number one most hated religion. Not because of the philosophy behind it which is good mostly, do as you be done by etc, but the people it produces and the level of ignorance and intolerance.

I know ignorance and intolerance aren't exclusive to Christians but please do tell of any other religion that is quite as ferocious as this one? It is probably more apparent because so many people belong to that religion and they seem to be quite vocal and I'm sure there are Christians who aren't like this but... it's all I see.

I remember one year I was in religion class and the first thing the teacher did was ask
"How many of you go to church every Sunday?"
Very few hands were raised so the teacher than boomed
"Do we have a classroom full of atheists?"
Insulted that he didn't even consider any other religion I said "Sir just because you go to church doesn't mean you believe in God"
A laugh went through the class and he smirked, self assured
"But going to church is part of loving God"
I replied "You mean The Christian god."
He laughed me off "of course without a Christian god you wouldn't have a moral compass"
"I'm not a Christian sir, and I have a moral compass."
"Yess but your surrounded by Christians it must have rubbed off on you"
"Yeah. That's why no one from our school is allowed to visit the shops during the day because they think we're all shop lifters or why my bag gets cut up if I leave it unattended too long. I can feel those Christian moral rubbing off on me."
"Well that's nothing to do with Christianity."
"Well if you say that you can only have morals if you are Christian and as a Christian school we have a reputation of thievery and vandalism then shouldn't we find some new morals because this compass is pointing south." Needless to say, you can imagine the trouble I got in and it continued for a year. I had to listen to him condemn Arabs and muslims and say things like "If they had Christianity they wouldn't be evil." As if they were all terrorists or something. It was sickening and my voice was just lost and pushed to the back...but it never stopped me trying to get him to listen to reason.

The Turning Point For Me

I think the turning point was when I watched a heartbreaking short film about homosexuality where being straight or 'hetero' was weird. The main character, a little primary school girl, commits suicide while her mothers argue about what's wrong with her.

It really stung me with it's potent and poignant message and made me think of Oakley. I'm pretty sure I cried, but at the same time I felt some happiness that someone had made this video. I felt sure anyone who saw it would stop hating LGBT people forever and see their own serious problems. I honestly have too much faith in people sometimes... I made the mistake of scrolling into the comments...
Wow. I understand entirely now because you put together such a wonderful argument.

Such a typical response it's sickens me

Please notice the MLP icon-He is not loving or tolerating the shit out of anyone today
Except, You know, Lots of gay animals in nature as population control

I didn't think it would be possible to pour so much contempt out of your heart after watching a little girl die... but they managed it. So many of them managed it with such practiced ease. That's when I knew that I could never be a Christian. If being Christian somehow meant I would be associated with these people than it wasn't worth it and never could be.

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