Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why I Support Vegetarians

Hello everyone, I've been getting lots of hate since I published my article on things people say to vegetarians. Can I remind everyone of the title of this blog? My Incredibly Big Overly Opinionated Beliefs. That said a lot of people asked why I supported vegetarians and vegans even though I'm not one. Well my response to that is I support a lot of things that I'm not apart of, I support homosexuality for instance, but I've never so much as kissed a girl. I support cancer research even though I neither have cancer or know anyone with cancer. I will support anything that I personally believe is right or just no matter if people try and say it's wrong. It is my decision and cannot be dictated to me by anyone.

Why Aren't You A Vegetarian Then?

Well I try my best but where I live the soil quality is very poor which means any vegetables grown here don't have as many nutrients as they should. I also live very rurally so finding the foods necessary to complete my diet can become very hard. So when I buy meat I buy it from the local farm where I can see out of my bedroom window that the animals are taken care of or I buy meat from the local hunter who uses every bit of the meat so nothing goes to waste. I only eat meat a few times a month and abstain from it as much as possible.

Well Then You Have No Right To Question Me! Rawr

Well if your being stupid or you are abusing a vegetarian or your making up stuff do you think I'm just going to stand here? I don't care if we are on the same 'side' not that there really are sides, if you are doing something wrong or acting vulgar I am going to pull you up on it. The same way that even though I'm white if I saw a bunch of white kids beating up a black kid I'm going to intervene because all that matters is doing The Right Thing not The Right Thing For You. Most of these debates are actually just warring egos and it has to stop.

TIT: We All Need To Examine The Reasons We Do The Things We Do

For instance, do we eat meat because we believe it is healthier than a vegetarian diet?
Or maybe because it's easy? Or because most people eat meat?
Do we not eat meat because we think that is healthier? Or maybe because we don't want animals to suffer? For some maybe it makes them feel superior or maybe the thought of eating something that was once alive makes you feel sick.

We need to know why we do things, then we need to decide if we are doing the right things without our ego getting in the way. So...
Meat Eater: I eat meat because I think eating meat is healthier than not.
Vegetarian/Vegan: Actually it isn't necessarily healthier, you have a greater risk of heart disease.
M.E: But we've been eating meat for years how can it be wrong?
V/V: We discriminated against black people for years, it doesn't mean it was right. Here just look at this evidence that shows you can live healthily on a vegetarian diet. Also, no animals will have to die.
M.E: So we can live without meat... and in doing so save the lives of hundreds of animals. I'll have to research this myself.

We cannot let our ego's prevent us from taking on new information. You can learn something from everyone you just need to have an open mind. You need to be open to change because even in nature it's the creatures that adapt to their environment best that survive not the ones too stubborn to change.

Try and remember not just what is good for you but also what is good for the world!

To change the world you need to be able to change the way you look at the world. You will only be held back by being close-minded and even if you disagree ask yourself why you disagree and ask yourself if you have a valid reason for disagreeing. 

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