Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What If God Is A Scientist?

If an almighty being created us, gave us free will and then hid itself what would be the purpose?

The Scientist With Lego

When we were children we were probably at some stage given toys such as Lego or other building blocks. We would build and play with that lego and learn what designs worked and what would fall down. What if God is the same? Only he has the power to create anything he wants. See what designs work and what falls down. People claim god is omniscient and therefore knows everything, but perhaps it's just our puny human understanding. Maybe he just knows everything about us and since many humans think they are the center of gods undivided attention, that appears to be everything. What if god doesn't know everything and it is all an experiment to see if things will work? (thus the platypus). Knowing everything would be incredibly boring to an immortal almighty being!

You Can't Prove That God Exists

No one can prove God exists, all we have are religious scriptures that are written by (ignorant human) men. There is not one shred of evidence that god did or ever exist-
However, isn't that perfect for someone conducting an experiment? A god has not intervened in our daily affairs, has not stopped world hunger, war, homophobia, suicides. Like a good scientist he can watch a baby penguin die without intervening. He is simply fascinated by what we do even if it's us blowing each other up!

We Are To God What White Mice Are To Scientists

What if that's it? and all religion is a lie even though there's a god who doesn't care about us? Why should god care? He may have set up the dominos, but it is much more fun to watch them fall down!

You Have No Way Of Proving Me Wrong

As all religions argue "since you can't prove me wrong I must be right", even though in ordinary circumstances the one making the claim has to provide evidence but apparently this doesn't apply to religion.

God Is a Scientist Because...

  • He left no proof of his existence to influence us.
  • He does not interfere with our lives, wars or answer prayers.
  • He doesn't actually care about individuals.
  • God didn't create religion which is why there are so many man made ones.
If there is a God, he isn't an asshole he's just totally indifferent to us.

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