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Things People Say to Vegetarians

I think everyone should decide what they want to eat themselves and if other people have different opinions about it as long as they aren't encroaching on your beliefs and trying to make you change then whatever. Different strokes for different folks. You can see why I supports vegetarians by clicking here. People however, rarely let sleeping dogs lie. So I was watching a little Onison on youtube the last day and boredly to scrolled down to read the comments
I will continue to eat meat, I don't give a fuck about the animals because it was put on the earth to eat.
322 comments!? So I had to read this and boy oh boy it was like... a really bad joke. Like when someone says something stupid and then they just get dumber and then they hit rock bottom and start digging and you just watch from the sidelines like 'no! stop! you're making it worse' but they don't listen. So after reading this ode to the stupid I decided to write this article about the stupid things people say to vegetarians.

Animals Eat Animals So it's Okay to Eat Animals

animals are far from humans... try getting a lion to eat salad
They're animals; they have always been our food

You can eat animals if you want to eat animals, humans are omnivores so they have a choice to eat plant matter or meat. A lion is a carnivore, it does not have a choice. Also, humans are animals just very high functioning ones so we really aren't that far from animals. Some animals are also omnivores and wouldn't pass up a bit of meat, but we should remember that humans can choose what they want to eat pretty simply whereas animal do not have that luxury and just eat whatever they can to survive. So saying 'animals are far from human' and 'try getting a lion to eat salad' is pretty ridiculous, sorry.
According to your statement it's fine to eat humans

God Put Animals On The Planet To Be Eaten

The bible says what animals to eat
A frequent argument among self-righteous Christians is about when God said to Noah that he could eat any animal he wanted. Well if we are going to go through the bible route lets have a proper look at this.

Leviticus 11
Reading from the king James edition of the bible it does indeed say "Nevertheless these shall ye not eat of them that chew the cud, or of them that divide the hoof: as the camel, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you."

It is very true that earlier on foods were banned and restricted such as pork and shellfish. If you remove God from the equation this was probably because if not prepared well these foods can give you pretty bad food poisoning. However, to quote:

 Mark 7:18-19 "And he said unto them, Are you so without understanding also? Do you not perceive, that whatsoever thing from outside enters into the man, it cannot defile him; Because it entereth not into his heart, but into the belly, and goeth out into the draught, purging all meats?"  

So this might imply that those restrictions were now void since no matter how 'unclean' it is it can no longer 'defile' you it is only your actions that can make you bad and blah. BUT just because these foods will not defile you with their uncleanness doesn't mean you should eat them.
If we look at it from another angle, if indeed these foods were originally banned because they might make you sick then maybe that is enough reason to stay away from them. Please remember that pork and shellfish were lumped in with vultures, insects, owls, hawks, gulls, camels, rabbit, weasel, rat, lizard, anything that walks on paws, Fats, blood, and a really long list of other stuff. It also talks about how if the carcass of these creatures touches you it needs to be cleaned. This sounds more like advice on how not to die of bacteria. So if you are a devout follower then you should remember that while you 'may' be allowed to eat these meats because they weren't injure your chances of getting into the afterlife you need to remember you have been warned in no uncertain terms that they are bad for you.

Yes god does say to Noah that the animals are food for him in gen 9...(3 I think) but that was simply Noah and his family. If you recall, the world had been underwater in the great flood, so plants were going to be more scarce so he probably had to resort to eating some animals (This is probably where we lost unicorns and flying turtles ;-) ) 

Did you know part of the bible call those who eat only veggies weak (um...)
Also can I add that if you are going to use the bible to justify your diet then you should follow everything in the bible as thoroughly as this and not wear leather and cotton or ripped genes, stone gay people, not let women talk in church, never cut your hair or trim your beard. no tattoos. Never put mixed seeds in your garden, No mixing animals so your mutt and zonky can go get the chop, I think God broke that rule when he made the platypus though. Oh and don't work on Sundays or have premarital sex. And about a hundred more things but these will get you started.

Humans Are Smarter Than Animals So We Can Kill Them

We are smarter than animals by a great amount and we shouldn't treat them as equals.

Well... that might not actually be true depending on how you view intelligence...
Now the reason humans have advanced so well is mainly because of our wonderful opposable thumbs that allowed us to pick up sticks and use the to make tools. We also passed knowledge down to our young to help them learn and improve and this in a nutshell is how we got to the top. However, this does not mean we are the smartest creature on the planet and while I'd love to believe that I see that animals have an innate knowledge that humans can't even scratch the surface of. For example, you don't need to teach a spider how to spin a web, it just knows from the moment it is born. If you remember Kouko the gorilla that was taught American sign language, this is proof that animals can learn to communicate with us. It has also been proven that dolphins have a sense of self, when presented with a mirror they can recognise themselves at an earlier age than a human baby can. When presented with a foreign object, for instance a jar with food in, octopus have been able to not only figure out there is food in the jar, but also to unscrew it. Heck if I'd never seen a jar before I wouldn't know how to unscrew it. Octopi have also been known to use tools and even find coconut shells and hide inside
and crawl along like crabs to avoid getting eaten. Octopi can also develop plans for instance "At the Vancouver aquarium a few years back, staff members were stumped when fish began to go missing. After a few weeks of missing fish and no leads, the staff set up video cameras in hopes of catching the culprit red-handed. When they viewed the tapes they were astonished to discover that an octopus, nicknamed “Houdini”, was crawling through the water circulation pipes to eat the fish, and was doing so for weeks. First, he removed the filtration screen in his tank and slipped through the pipes. From there Houdini broke into the other tanks where his prey could only watch. After feeding, Houdini remembered all the twists and turns to get back into his own tank; undetected that he was ever gone."
Could crows and octopuses build a computer?
Don't be too assured in your intelligence and while yes humanity as a whole has done fantastic things, the average human cannot build a computer or launch a rocket into space.

Plants Are Alive Too And You're Killing Them

Plants can hear, see and feel.
This may be so, but those animals that were force bred and force fed to make it to your dinner plate were also eating plants and a lot of them. So if you are supporting the force/breeding of animals then you should also see that since they were eating all those plants you are also accountable for them. So being vegetarian means that you are eating fewer plants in a way.

Animals Would Over Populate And Destroying The Planet

I'm pretty sure animals pollute in their own way
If humans were not force breeding the animals there would be less of them in the wild and they would be controlled like nature always does by prey. In nature the population of prey is dictated by the predator and the amount of food. When large numbers of prey accumulate they either run out of food and starve or attract predators that kill them off, thus maintaining a balance.

The Animal Is Going To Be Killed Anyway So It's Wasteful Not To Eat

The animal is going to die anyway
That animal was bred for you to eat. If there wasn't as great a demand fewer animals would be bred to keep the humans fed. Buying it only increases the amount of animals going to slaughter.

Humans Are Made To Eat Meat

Everything about our teeth suggests they were made for eating vegetables, tubers and grains.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Just because we are capable doesn't mean it's meant to be.

Some Honourable Mentions

There's a theory that a meteorite crashed to earth carrying bacteria

We're not animals. We're mammals.
Isn't rape and murder natural

In retaliation to this article...

So I'm like...

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