Monday, 25 August 2014

Save Derpy-The Thoughts Of A Non MLP Fan

Recently there has been a huge controversy in the Brony world that I am not really apart of. I've watch one or two episodes of my little pony friendship is magic just to see what the buzz is about and thought it was alright. It's quite easy on the eyes and while I'm not really a fan of it, I don't really see it as a reason to hate anybody for watching.

Anyway, one of the background ponies had a lazy eye and the fans affectionately dubbed this pony 'Derpy Hooves'. Derp is internet slang that means a number of things, but it's usually like being clumsy or silly. The fans loved this non intrusive background pony and recently she got her first lines and a nod to the fanbase.

The fans were thrilled! but...

Not everyone loves Derpy

Derpy, true to how fans saw her is mildly implied to have a mental disability. She has a lazy eye like previously mentioned a slight speech impediment and is quite clumsy. Despite all this people still love her but then something awful happened.
People started fighting to have Derpy removed from my little pony because of this disability. Hasbro caved in pretty easily to the demands and changed Derpy, fixing her eye and speech impediment so she was just like every other pony.
Here is a comparison between the original and the new

What's Wrong With Getting Rid Of Derpy?

Mental disabilities are facts of life. I have friends with autism and down syndrome and I am aware of how cruel people are to them. A pony like Derpy warms my heart a little, not just because there is a pony with a disability but because so many people love her for who she is. Bronies welcomed her with open... uh hooves and I love that! But now that she has been changed...

What message does this send to mentally disabled children?

...It's as if you can't be different. Changing Derpy means that no one wants the mentally disabled kid. It means that they are the part of society that no one wants to acknowledge the existence of and it is hurtful. Not everyone is given the same chance at life even if we pretend in tv that they are. Derpy was a symbol and by destroying her you have destroyed all the things she stood for-
Equality, Justice, Being Different, Vulnerability and Love.
And why?
To please the people who have fully functional brains who don't have a mental disability and don't know what it's like. So what if there is a little controversy? You should stand up for what is right even if it's just a pony.

But It's Just A Pony

is it? Or is Derpy Hooves a symbol and her removal a symbol of humanities nature to be cruel to anyone who is different. Make a stand, not for a pony or for bronies but for mentally disabled children and equality #SaveDerpy

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