Saturday, 3 August 2013

Things I've Made

I really like taking things off the internet, meshing them together and creating something new. I decided that every time I create something from now on I'd stick it on here like a scrap book and possibly start using my deviant art account again... yeah... well I'll try... 'deviantsaster' if anyone's interested :-)

And I might just stick a few things I like but I'll be sure to label! :-)
Also I make these poke-posts=

Okay number 1
I saw this picture on
So I decided to make it into a creepypasta and changed it to this

One I am pretty proud of was a tribute I made for my facebook page Gamer Gengar and my favorite page Indifferent Charmander. It's kinda a collage but It took a lot more effort then you'd think.

I wanted to show Gengar love Charmander, so my idea was to have a baby charmander in gengar's arms. These are the images I used.

and this is the finished product

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