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How Pokemon Taught Me How To Read and My Double Life as Gamer Gengar

When I use Facebook I usually have only one motive in mind and that is to talk to my American friend. In fact, I probably never would have used the internet as much as I have since I met her and therefore never made this blog. Anyway she is usually my only motivation for going on the internet but then one day I decided after reading something funny off the facebook page 'Entei' that I would create a page. A Pokemon one like I'd seen so many of. Now trying to come up with a name was hard, Charmander was always my favorite starter but that name had already been taken by the very funny 'Indifferent Charmander'  (My fave admin is Violet, she's funny and charming and if I ever met her in real life I bet she'd be twice as awesome :-) ). Anyway Charmander was taken, Vulpix was taken (you can tell I like my Fire types) So I sat down found my old Pokemon Red Game and checked to see what pokemon I had used in the league:
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Red (Photo credit: moonrisen)
The player's level 5 Bulbasaur engaged in a ba...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I never really watched much of the anime since I never had a Tv signal for most of the time that Pokemon was my thing. I did however love the games which were nice and simple for me at the time since I couldn't read. I've always loved RPG games but Pokemon was special to me. I was given My first Gameboy colour by my half brothers and a copy of Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red. I'd always watched them play this fantastic game outside with their friend with this mass of connection cables and had only occasionally had a chance to play. Those games were the greatest thing for me, I had been struggling to learn to read. I was a pretty intelligent kid but the stories of Sam and his dog drove me nuts. Also at the time I was being home schooled and always felt like I was in trouble if I couldn't read something so being as smart as I was I used to go out into the garden with the book I was meant to read and get the older boy from next door to read it to me. I would then memorize the story so when I was asked to read it I could almost get it word perfect. To this day I can still recite  Doctor Seuss's 'Green eggs and Ham'.
Green Eggs and Ham
Green Eggs and Ham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Anyway to me reading was heavily associated with getting into trouble so I never really wanted to do it, that is until I got Pokemon. Now reading wasn't really a required skill, it was possible to get by on trial an error. However the titles of these Pokemon names were intriguing and fun to say. This encouraged me to read. I think most of my education about life comes from games. I suddenly had this huge enthusiasm for reading. The story was a lot more fun when I could read and see what a snot nose brat the antagonist Gary was. By the time I saw the first movie with Mewtwo I was already a huge fan. That film made me cry and I still have that song from the last scene on my mp3. That said I still never really watched the anime. I've sat down to watch it in recent times in an effort to instill a love of Pokemon into my younger brothers starting where it all began in the indigo league. Kinda a bit of a family bonding experience, especially now that I've handed down all my tech to both of them. I'm not sure if Pokemon is something I'm quite over despite the fact that I have given all my games and handheld consoles to my little brothers. It's still something I cherish which is another reason for my double life as...
Gengar was always one of my favorite Pokemon, it was creepy and cute and after the whole cubone thing I had a fondness of ghost Pokemon. And so Gamer Gengar was born: here's the link to the page:

So what are your childhood memories of Pokemon? Make sure to comment them. Remember Gamer Gengar is watching you
Gengar (Photo credit: cristian muñoz :))

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