Sunday, 14 July 2013

When I Discovered AlphaOmegaSin


(Things I Think Are Awesome)

Okay when I discovered AlphaOmegaSin that is when youtube became a thing for me. Before I would only go on youtube when my friends were begging me to go watch the dancing baby or sneezing panda or cute things explode. That was youtube to me... Until I see this rant video... Now I'm a huge Final Fantasy VII fan and to see this metal head guy emanating awesomeness and charisma as he ranted about why we didn’t have a remake... I was like...
 It was literally like someone had loaded my brain with TNT. So at the time I had no internet connection so I had this 500gb hardrive and I'm downloading all his youtube clips and watching them, even when he's talking about games I’ve never even heard of! There were also games that never made it to Europe but I was too enthralled to stop watching. everything he said was amazing and then when I noticed his Vincent Valentine figurine I knew I would never be able to stop watching his channel again.

So Todays Brief Respectable Analysis declares: Any gamer with half a brain should go to Alphaomegasin's youtube channel right now and subscribe and soak up his awesomeness. I'll make it real easy just click here>>>>>>>

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